Classifying LaTeX symbols

LaTeX is powerful language for typesetting. It’s very flexible, too. But many times, the writer is stuck with certain symbols, which he/she doesn’t know how to typeset in LaTeX. There’s a wonderful long list of symbols available as PDF file (you can download it from the sidebar of this blog), which is mostly helpful in finding the required symbols. You must have learnt about it in my earlier post. The symbols in the PDF file are sorted after packages.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for very particular symbol with very unique design, it can be pain to go through all pages. Well, there’s a good web-based solution to it, which classifies the symbols based on your writing/sketch.


You just do the sketch of the symbol you are looking for, of course, using mouse and you get all the variants of it on the right side with mentions to required package for it. Isn’t it sweet and easy? This works so well, that I found many symbols or variants of them in just few seconds.

This is called Detexify Squared, a project conceived by Philipp Kühl and Daniel Kirsch. I appreciate their efforts. This is surely going to make life of many LaTeX users easier. Please spread the word using services below!



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